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When it comes to online security, eTrust™ EZ Armor™ is your
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When it comes to online security, eTrust™ EZ Armor™ is your complete solution, combining top-ranked eTrust™ EZ Antivirus with business-strength eTrust™ EZ Firewall.eTrust™ EZ Armor™ provides a full range of protection and privacy features to stop viruses, hackers, and identity theft. ICSA-certified to detect 100% of viruses, it offers fully automatic updates to keep your protection current. MailSafe and Automatic E-mail Scanning guard against potentially harmful e-mail attachments / coming in and going out. Real-time Scanning proactively stops viruses from entering your computer, and Ad Blocking reduces annoying interruptions. The easy-to-use interface and pre-loaded settings take the guesswork out of security. The latest version of eTrust™ EZ Armor™ is easier to use than ever, combining heavyweight features into an affordable package you can trust to knock out viruses, hackers, and identity thieves. Features include: NEW File Quarantine - Allows you to isolate and review detected viruses, enabling further research into specific threats NEW Easy Setup / An enhanced startup wizard and pre-loaded security settings reduce firewall warnings for known programs Fully Automatic Updates / Effectively addresses the #1 reason PC users suffer virus attacks: out-of-date signature files Low Overhead / Uses fewer system resources and provides better compatibility, quicker scans, and faster update downloads Real-time Scanning - Proactive protection stops viruses from entering your computer in real time Automatic E-mail Scanning - Provides protection against viruses that arrive via e-mail / before they can be executed -Heuristic Scanning / Detects new threats even before virus protection updates are created Scheduled and On Demand Scanning - Allows you to scan when most convenient for you -Interactive Virus Detection Messages / Provides you with essential information about specific threats a...



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